What Our Patients Are Saying

“Let’s just say that big noses run in our family! When I was younger I was self-conscious about my nose; I thought everyone was staring at it! It’s tough growing up when you’re not happy about your appearance. Dr. Bukachevsky did a terrific job. My nose looks so natural! It boosts your confidence when you feel good about your appearance!"
–Cassandra, 20
“I was the original Orange County sun worshipper — at the beach and in tanning booths for 15 years! Dr. Bukachevsky educated me on the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun — knowledge I’m passing on to my daughters and granddaughters. His treatments have reversed much of the damage done to my skin.“
–Stephanie, 46
"I had skin cancer and I was so fortunate to have Dr. Bukachevsky as my physician. He’s a perfectionist, a truly skilled surgeon and such a genuinely caring man. I visit the office regularly for various treatments and products and get so many compliments on my skin.”
–Alexandra, 65
"First impressions are everything. I'm 38 but my sun damaged skin made me look older. Dr Bukachevsky was wonderful and his staff, friendly and helpful. From the moment I walked into the office, I was put at ease. I felt secure."
–Heidi, 38
"I run a vineyard, and believe me, I do everything! Over the years, the sun has taken its toll on my face. My daughter's wedding was fast approaching and I didn't want to look like the Queen Mother! Dr. Bukachevsky recommended laser resurfacing and a peel, and the results were amazing and fast - just what I needed."
–Susan, 58
“I may be 67 years old but I still feel 25! A woman needs to feel comfortable with who she is and the way you look has so much to do with that. I had Thermage a few years back and the results were remarkable. I looked and felt younger overnight! Dr. Bukachevsky has a caring, gentle manner and took such an interest in me as a person."
–Patty, 67
"I've been a sun worshipper all my life, running, surfing, and now keeping up with two young boys. IPL was perfect for me; it was quick and painless with immediate results. I wanted to be sure I was seeing the best; Dr. Bukachevsky is a board certified facial plastic surgeon, specializing in the field of facial rejuvenation and his staff is highly trained and very professional."
–Cindy, 40
"People kept telling me I looked tired or even angry! Dr. Bukachevsky recommended a lower eye and forehead lift. At first I was apprehensive, but Dr. Bukachevsky and his staff put me at ease. Now I have a whole new outlook. It's the same old me - just a much happier version-inside and out!"
–Veeda, 59
“I recently looked in the mirror and thought “where did all these wrinkles and sunspots come from?” My husband encouraged me to see Dr. Bukachevsky and the results were immediate. When you look your best and people compliment you, even when your husband of 53 years tells you how good you look, it builds a women’s confidence!“
–Mary, 73
"I'm a lucky man! My beautiful young wife and a one year old baby keep me young at heart! Looking and feeling youthful is important to me. Dr Bukachevsky recommended Levulan and IPL and the results were immediate, quick and painless. Dr. B was top notch. I couldn't have been more pleased."
–Barry, 43
"I don't feel 64 why should I look it? I run an art gallery, surrounded by beautiful things so it's important that I look my best. I have always felt that Dr. Bukachevsky has the sensibility of an artist. I appreciate his talents and the way he meticulously approaches his work. He has helped me look and feel younger."
–Linda, 64
“Facial rejuvenation? It’s so confusing – there are so many choices! Dr. Bukachevsky guided me through the maze of different treatments and helped me decide what was best for me. He helped me achieve the more youthful look I wanted.”
–Mary Ann