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Why have facial plastic surgery?
Am I a good candidate?
What is the advantage of choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon?
What physical shape do I need to be in for surgery?
What is a minimally invasive procedure?
Where are the procedures performed?
What types of anesthesia are used?
How much recovery time is needed?
What are the risks of surgery?
What happens after the decision for surgery has been made?
What do I need to do to prepare for my surgery date?
What are the costs of surgery?

Why have facial plastic surgery?

The reasons to have facial plastic surgery span a wide spectrum and are highly individualized. Some people have birth disfigurements, while others are victims of accidents or suffer from cancer-related facial deformities. On the other hand, many individuals choose to have surgery for premature aging or desire to change the shape or size of a facial feature that has bothered them for years.